Spring 2015- 614 Crafty Exchange

This is a repost from one of our show hosts, Chelsey Hill’s, new blog Pretty Poor Living. For tutorials, recipes, and other great crafty goodness jump over to her site and hit follow!

Hey friends!

Sunday was our (Not Your Mamas Craft Market) Enthusiast 614 Crafty Exchange! And boy can I get used to taking home all this handmade goodness!!!


Maybe you have already got a few sneak peaks on our Instagram, twitter and Facebook pages. (Don’t forget to follow us while you’re there)

We are so very blessed to have such amazing suporters who came out to support NYMCM and other like minded crafty people.

The day started at the wonderful and amazingly beautiful Sew To Speak ( a NYMCM sponsor) in Clintonville, Columbus!  As exchangers started to pile in it didn’t take them long at all to start admiring all the AMAZING fabric! And do they have AMAZING fabric. And trims. And project samples from future classes.  Ummm Ummm Good.




Any who, after some great shopping the crafters grabbed their sassy little name tags (tutorial later this week)  and some yummy snack and made their way to their seat in the sharing circle. Ok I didn’t really call it the sharing circle in front of anyone but with no one here to give me a “weirdo” look Im going to call it that:)



Things quickly got moving as all the crafters took turns standing up and sharing a little ditty about themselves, what they do, and if they had one about their businesses. And can I just say the talent did not stay home! What a great group of gals. The group was a mix of hobby crafters, professional crafters and artists. Items exchanged was an eclectic arrange of jewelry, other accessories, and home goods.

Here is where I sill just shut up and “show you the money!



Yoga Strap: Petal Handmade Bags – Bead Embroidered Necklace: Whistling In Tongues – Leather Sunglasses Case : Ally Eads – Swede and Glass Bead Bracelets : Sara Miller


Wood Slice Chalkboard: Amanda Lotyzc – Wood Burned Bracelet: Branching Creations – Ohio Wire Necklace : The Heirloom Tomato (ME! – tutorial coming:) – Wire and Bead Earrings: Gibson Girls Glass – Business Card Holder: Lil Munchkin Butt


Cork Wineglass Charms: Laura Wallace – Bird Dishtowel: Lisa Siferd


German 8 Point Paper Star: Kayla Braatz – Red Fire Acrylic Painting: Maryann Ailes – Hand Painted, Dyed and Stitched Patch: Brittni Stump – Quilted Sewing Machine Wall Hanging: Patchwork & RicRac


See!!! See!!! Amazing! I have already gotten a ton of use out of my make homes!!!!


We would love to see you at our next #614CraftyExchange! We are in the works of finalizing the details of our next exchange. We will first announce the day and time we will launch the sign up sheet so everyone has time to get their ducks in a row and everyone has an equal change to sign up!


Look for that announcemnt here at prettypoorliving.com (hit the follow button!), Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and be the first to sign up!

Hugs and Stiches,

Chelsey Hill


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