614 Craft Exchange – October 2015

We had such a great time at our last Professional Craft Exchange last month! This exchange was held at a beautiful Urban Emporium in Bexley. This store was not only a great space to shop because of its vast range in handmade and local products (all exceptionally made) but also because of its bonus space. The Emporium has a beautifully done work space in their basement usually used for classes by the store, from jewelry making to grown up coloring, but in our case it was the perfect space for our professional makers to gather.

614Crafty_OCT15-1 614Crafty_OCT15-2 614Crafty_OCT15-4


One by one our professional Makers trickled in dawned in their costumes. I have to say this part was especially exciting because with a crowd of makers you just never know whats going to come through the door next. There were a wide rage of celebrity guests including Miss Frizzle (bus parking was a beast), Carrie Poppins, Snow White, Cleopatra, and Queen Elizabeth herself. We also had some magical creatures including a very sparkly Fairy, a talking Scarecrow, and a Witch. And of corse we were not short on crafty costumes including the Crochet Queen, a Stash of Yarn and the Crazy Craft Lady who snuck out of the asylum just for the event.

614Crafty_OCT15-6 614Crafty_OCT15-8

After taking in everyones costume and grabbing a snack, the exchange commenced! One by one each maker stood up and presented their item to the group. They told the group who they are, what their business is and a little bit about what they made for the group. It is always really fun to see what our friends are up to and what is inspiring them that season. Each maker took a turn around the room and gathered up their new goodies!!!!! I can easily say that as usual the first did not disappoint! Everyones piles started overflowing with things to make you feel pretty, things to make your house pretty and things to make you smell pretty. It was PRETTY spectacular. See what I did there:)

614Crafty_OCT15-12 614Crafty_OCT15-19 614Crafty_OCT15-14614Crafty_OCT15-26 614Crafty_OCT15-18614Crafty_OCT15-25 614Crafty_OCT15-24614Crafty_OCT15-15 614Crafty_OCT15-28614Crafty_OCT15-17 614Crafty_OCT15-22614Crafty_OCT15-27 614Crafty_OCT15-11


After taking a second to bask in our newly claimed stash of handmade goodness we took a second to talk about a way to easily share the happiness in our hearts, HandMAKE My Day Cbus! It was explained how anyone could join in the kindness anytime or how businesses could sign up to takeover the instagram page for a day or two and talk about their business while spreading kindness. After our moment of kindness Makers  took a  voted on their favorite costumes. Not an easy task.


Next the owners of Urban Emporium took a second to tell the group about their shop, who they are, why they started the shop and how makers can sell their products there. These are a seriously wonderful group of strong, independent, smart and talented ladies. We are extremely grateful to be old and new friends! After the run down of the store, the owners announced that everyone would get a 10% discount for the night!!!!! Makers ran up stairs to  shop, shop, shop!!!!!  Oh and then we shopped some more!

614Crafty_OCT15-36 614Crafty_OCT15-5

614Crafty_OCT15-33 614Crafty_OCT15-61 614Crafty_OCT15-32614Crafty_OCT15-60

Before taking a moment to grab a group photo from amazing Mae Taylor Photography, awards were passed out to the best costumes! Awards went out to the Crazy Craft Lady Nancy Mabry, the glittery Fairy with pointy ears Vicki Oster, the Scarecrow by Anita Haines and best in show to Miss Frizzle – Natalie Pariano.

614Crafty_OCT15-40 614Crafty_OCT15-41 614Crafty_OCT15-42


In all it was a great night filled with fab takeaways and even better company. New friendships and business partnerships were made and old ones where savored and strengthened! A big thank you to all who came out and especially the Urban Emporium and Mae Taylor Photography for all their hard work.

Our next 614 Craft Exchanges will be held in February but if you can’t stay away from all the handmade goodness that long please join Not Your Mama’s and 70+ of our best makers at our BIG Holiday Market on November 28th at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in the Short North.  #SeeYouAtTheCathedral

614Crafty_OCT15-59 614Crafty_OCT15-66

614Crafty_OCT15-34 614Crafty_OCT15-35

614Crafty_OCT15-38 614Crafty_OCT15-37 614Crafty_OCT15-39

614Crafty_OCT15-46 614Crafty_OCT15-45

614Crafty_OCT15-47 614Crafty_OCT15-48

614Crafty_OCT15-51 614Crafty_OCT15-50

614Crafty_OCT15-52 614Crafty_OCT15-53

614Crafty_OCT15-56 614Crafty_OCT15-55

614Crafty_OCT15-57 614Crafty_OCT15-58

614Crafty_OCT15-62 614Crafty_OCT15-63

614Crafty_OCT15-65 614Crafty_OCT15-64



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