Handmade Highlight – Ash Woodworking

My experience as a professional artist is admittedly limited but my ambition is growing exponentially. I was introduced to woodworking when I received my first knife, a gift from my father, one that I will not soon forget. With that knife I learned the true power the tools of a craftsman can hold. I learned to use this power properly which has since enabled me to bring my visions into fruition.
Ash Woodworking Company is a manifestation of my desire to push myself creatively as an artist. I began this endeavor to learn something about myself and hopefully improve my creative skills in the process.
In my current work I try to maintain a minimalistic approach using what few tools I have available, with as few resources as possible. Most of what you see on this site was created in my small bedroom with almost entirely hand tools from salvaged, found, or reused materials.
I have found, in my experience that creative ingenuity thrives in a scenario with limited recourses. I believe this is an applicable skill considering today’s ever changing environment. I have made it my mission to apply this simple philosophy to my work and in my life and hope to inspire others to do the same.

DSC_0070 DSC_0525

nymcm poster 2015-3


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