Handmade Highlight -Knucklehead Art

il_570xN.747693296_9ju8Hi, my name is Amanda Budreau of Knucklehead Art! I started embroidering last December so I could make Christmas presents for my friends and family. They went over well and I enjoyed making then, so I decided to open an Etsy shop in February. As you can see, I haven’t been doing this for very long. So you can imagine my excitement of having the Not Your Mama’s Holiday Craft Market be my third show since Knucklehead’s founding. What I do at Knucklehead is embroidery. I make embroidery hoops that look like something your Grandma would make if she were really into Kanye. These embroidery hoops look to movie quotes, rap lyrics, etc. for inspiration. Sometimes aggressive sayings are juxtaposed against kitschy/vintage granny fabric, creating home decor with the main purpose of making you laugh. I think a lot of lyrics are ridiculous, and I enjoy stitching them against fabric that really emphasizes that. Knucklehead Art sells handmade crafts designed to lighten your mood and brighten your room!I’m very excited to meet all of you coming out to the market, and I hope I can make you fellow Knuckleheads!

il_570xN.766114545_r91d IMG_9082

nymcm poster 2015-3


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