Handmade Highlight – Sol Heritage and Momma Mutt’s Munchies

Katniss PumpkinSol Heritage is a company made up of a mother and daughter using a skill that was passed on from generation to generation. Sherri was taught to crochet by her grandmother when she was just 9 years old and then Sherri taught Heather to crochet when she was 23 years old. They started with just yarn, crochet hooks and very little knowledge of owning a business. Together they have navigated the world of online selling, craft/art shows, consignment and have discovered just how much hard work goes into owning a business. Their passion and love has driven them forward because they are creating so much more than a business. They are creating a life of crochet.

Our Vision:
Our items are memories. They create memories. They are front and center and yet a subtle piece of the background. They keep you warm during the blustery days of winter. They are with you at the bonfire where your eyes meet with that special someone. It is our item that you shyly pull your lips into to hide your smile​ or you wear as you briskly walk down the sidewalk, window shopping at Christmas time.​ O​ur item that holds the smell of the one you love after a long embrace. It is our item that you purchase for that special loved one in your life as a perfect gift. It is our item that is delicately woven into your routine each and every day. They are our memories and our legacy that you carry with you as you create your own.

​Product Lines:
We offer a variety of outerwear; like our Archer Cowl, Ohio State scarves and delicate silk/mohair cowls, as well as home goods like our State of Ohio Pillow and accessories like our Ohio Love Clutch and much more!

We will be sharing our booth with Momma Mutt’s Munchies- all natural dog treats!
Brutus Treats
Our dogs are family. We don’t feed our family synthetic food loaded with fillers, so our pets don’t eat it either. We bake with all natural and organic ingredients to help nourish our dogs’ bodies and help them live long, happy lives.

Our treats aren’t just good for them, they’re delicious too! ​

OH-IO ScarfOSU Helmet Scarf

Soigne Cowl

nymcm poster 2015-3


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