Handmade Highlight – Eva Jenae Naturals LLC


I hadn’t really put much thought into skin care before my daughter Eva was born. Whatever was on sale is what I usually grabbed. At an early age we learned that Eva had eczema, but we did not comprehend why the prescriptions and store bought products were not working for her. After a bit of research, we realized the prescriptions and even the products we were using that were labeled “all natural” contained chemicals, perfumes, and other ingredients that further irritated her skin. There was an absence of soothing and moisturizing ingredients that would nourish and protect her delicate skin.

Fed up with the alternatives, I began to experiment with simple ingredients that have been used for centuries in healing and skincare. Little Eva’s skin responded so well that I began sharing them with friends and family who loved them just as much as we did! The encouragement from them inspired the birth of Eva Jenae Naturals!

What sets Eva Jenae Naturals apart is that ALL NATURAL really does mean ALL NATURAL! Our products are simple, yet effective. No synthetic fragrances, parabens, petroleum or other chemicals are used and we never test products on animals. The raw ingredients and materials we use are purchased only from responsible suppliers and are all natural and/or organic. Each product is handmade in small batches in a sterile environment to ensure freshness.

We are passionate about our business and our mission to create vegan, all natural skin & hair care products. It is our commitment to continually strive to bring you the most beneficial products and provide exceptional customer service. The ultimate goal for our business is to use it as a platform to promote entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, and community involvement among youth.

Eva and I are overjoyed to be joining NYMCM for the third year! We look forward to mingling with all the crafty vendors and meeting you all.


Lydia Gibson Owner, Crafter-in-Chief

nymcm poster 2015-3


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