Handmade Highlight -Craftinista Girl

Red Stripe BodysuitHi, I’m Capri and I’m the ‘girl’ behind Craftinista Girl. Crafts have long been a BIG part of my life. I’m fairly certain that the ‘gene’ was passed along to me through my Grandma and my Mom (both of which are incredibly talented ladies). Growing up I spent a lot of time making all sorts of different things with the two of them. Additionally, my grandmother is the master of new-uses. I definitely inherited her repurposeful spirit and try to use that in each and every item I create.
Like a lot of other creatives, my business started in an unknowing-kind-of-way. Just after I had finished my graduate degree, one of my closest friends found out she would be having a baby girl. In true-Capri-fashion, I made her a gift for the shower; a baby outfit from an old tshirt that we loved in high school. Making my own pattern, figuring out how to piece it together, and the overall end result got me hooked! In addition, I wasn’t having much success finding a “real-job” so I started selling on Etsy to make a little extra cash on the side.
Making, marketing, and selling my handmade items has turned out to be the perfect way for me to use my business degree in a way that makes me feel more fulfilled than I could have ever imagined. Over the summer I decided to quit everything and focus on taking my handmade business to the next level. I love the Midwest, and Columbus being the mother-of-all-creative-goodness seemed like the perfect place to pursue this journey – I’m new here guys, lets be friends! J
When I’m not crafting I spend lots of quality time with my boyfriend and my Pomeranian sidekick, Jahjeh. I love music, concert-going, fashion/shopping, running, craft beer and cocktails, Netflix, ice cream, social media, and lots of other things too! I am beyond excited to have been selected as a vendor at Not Your Mama’s Craft Market- hopefully this is the first of many more years I’ll be seeing you there!

Baby Buckeye Set OSU Scarf

nymcm poster 2015-3


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