Join the HandMAKE My Day Movement!

HandMAKE MY DAY is back Baby!

Lets face it, times are tough. NYMCM is bringing back our HandMAKE My Day movement to help brighten these darker days in our community!

Our goal is to bring our community together to unexpectedly make someone’s day! We want to remind people that YOU MATTER, YOU ARE SEEN and WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

The idea is to combine random acts of kindness, creative talents and free gifts to make one big, city wide, not so old fashioned scavenger hunt. Sharing and documenting the hidings and findings all on Instagram. All with the added benefit of bringing awareness to local handmade small businesses who so desperately need our support!

Kindness is free.

So do what your mama told you and BE NICE. Help us spread kindness like confetti and join our kindness movement today.

This movement is not limited to our Makers! Anyone can make and share! 

You don’t even have to leave your house! You can hide a gift during a neighborhood walk or even leave something in your front yard! If you are out at the grocery store leave something in your cart. If you are picking up food from a small local restaurant, leave a gift out front! 

Here is how it works: 

No 1.) Make something amazing to give! It doesn’t have to cost you a lot, it just needs to be made with love. It can be art, jewelry, decor, whatever your passion is! Document your creation as it comes to life on social media by tagging @notyourmamascraftmarket and using #HandMAKEmydayCbus

No 2.) Print off the FREE Gift postcards below and attach it to your handmade gift.  Then fill in your name and other information you would like to share. For example: Website, Social Media Handle, Email…. You choose!

No 3.) Find the perfect spot to hide your handmade gift. Parks, sidewalks, in front of restaurants, hospitals, shops, bus stops, you name it! Remember to “hide it in plain sight” and practice Safe Spacing while in public!

If you attach your gift to a post, tree, building, etc. please make sure you attach it with something non damaging like string, tape, or magnets – we don’t want to ruin someone’s day:)

No 4.)  Post a photo of your handmade gift tagging @NotYourMamasCraftMarket and using #HandMAKEmydayCbus and the caption “Find me, I’m Free!”. Include a clue or two as to where it can be found. We ask that you encourage your followers to look through the NYMCM feed to find local handmade small businesses to support during these unsure times.

No 5.) Sit back and follow us on Instagram and  #HandMAKEmydayCbus to see who’s day you made.

NYMCM will be following along closely so we can repost your pics and direct followers directly to your pages! Feel free to send us an Instagram message with your pics so we don’t miss them! 

Thanks for being so stickin’ nice.

Print your HandMAKE My Day postcards here:

HandMAKE my day Printable 4 Card Sheet

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