3 Tips for Applying

3 Helpful tips to up your chances to be selected to participate: 

– Be flexible with your booth size.This tip is good for any of our Markets. We get many applications and simply just don’t have he room to fit them all. If you are willing to go wherever we have space for you, it is easier for us to accommodate you! At our Via Vecchia Markets over half of our Maker spaces will be outside. Our indoor booths are much more limited. All of the BrewDog booths will be indoors. If you already filled out your form and now wish you would have selected more booth options don’t fret. Just send us an email and we will note the change. Our email addresses are listed below. 

– Great Photos. This is huge! When submitting photos please make sure that you are putting your best foot forward in representing your brand. At the very basics, good lighting, and crisp photos are essential. Submit your best selling products and if you have been with us before, submit anything new you are working on. Our jury looks closely on how shops are working to stay fresh for their loyal customers. 

– Social Media/ Sharing. First off, we adore offering our shoppers new and up incoming Makers. So if you don’t have a huge following don’t worry. Social media isn’t at the top of our jury’s list but when being forced to decide between Makers our jury will often visit a Makers social media platforms. They are not so much looking the for number of followers a Maker has but more of their activity and willingness to share events they are participating in. A Maker who works to bring shoppers to their events is good for  markets all around. The Maker who has 10K followers but never mentions events until the day of isn’t as helpful as a Maker with 300 followers who promotes the event consistanly. Bottom line is, we really appreciate team players!

Now you are ready to apply! Applications for our Via Vecchia Markets close Midnight October 9th and applications our BrewDog Market closes Midnight October 28th.

Apply for our BrewDog Holiday Market here:

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