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We are Carrie and Chelsey and we make up Not Your Mama’s Craft Market. We are two gals who love handmade and makers! Both makers ourselves, Papoose Teepees – Carrie and The Heirloom Tomato – Chelsey, we know what it means to pour out our hearts into our creations and businesses. Having done many many shows ourselves, more bad than good, we became frustrated. So, we decided if we couldn’t find a great market we would make our own. We took all our own experiences to custom make an event that we would not only want to sell at but to shop at. A market where you don’t occasionally come across one or two good vendors but where each and every vendor is a new level of awesomeness!

Being makers ourselves we also put our true value on the relationship we have with our vendors. Because we know that a person’s art is a personal reflection of themselves we treat each maker as family not as an object we make money off of. We don’t just talk the talk about empowering local buisnesses and toss around the term shopping local to make us trendy but we actually build relationships with our makers and love on and support them all year long even when we have nothing to gain from it.  That’s why we have networking events and movements like 614 Crafty Exchanges and HandMAKE My Day Cbus at no cost. We can’t put a price on truly loving and supporting each other like family. We have found when you treat someone with love and respect they will treat you the same in return.

We have been truly blessed to make many partnerships through the craft show. We believe that when you find something great you share it. We have the distinct pleasure of working with and trading services with many wonderful local businesses. We love taking events to different small local businesses around the city to get new customers in the doors and vendors new opportunities of places to sell at or to buy their supplies. We love working with amazing artists like Jon Juravich who graciously makes our posters which are displayed all over the Columbus neighborhoods.  We love having Ramsey Baker taking photos at all our events while meeting new customers and sharing her work to new audiences. We adore nonprofit shop Roosevelt Coffeehouse who lets us bring in vendors to their awesome space 2 Sundays a month for mini markets. And most of all we love working with She Has A Name, a program fighting human trafficking right here in Columbus, in anyway we can to raise awareness about their awesome program.

We truly love this city and the people in it. We feel very honored to showcase the amazing people who make it creative. Welcome to the family.

Hugs and Stitches,

Carrie and Chelsey


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  1. Do you have anymore spaces available for the Brew dog Event? My name is Joe Eiler and co-own a Company called jalapeno Joe’s. We sell Salsa and Ghost Pepper Honey.

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