Summer 614 Crafty Exchange


Hey Professionals!

It’s time again to host another awesome 614 Crafty Exchange!!!! This event is for professional makers with active handmade businesses only.

July 8th


The Smithery – 1306 Grandview Avenue, Cbus

What is a Crafty Exchange? Well…read on!

You sign up, make three gifts according to the guidelines below and come to our super-inspiring venue. Oh yeah, bring a snack if it puts a bee in your bonnet. While there, you’ll mix and mingle with other like minded handmade professionals, exchange tips and ideas, and make life long friendships. Holding hands and signing is optional – Kumbaya:) Then we eat a little, drink some beverages (non-alcoholic beverages only due to insurance stipulations) and go through the gift exchanging fun! In the end each of you will leave with 3 new gifts handmade by some of your new friends!

O… and it is free to attend too! Whoop whoop!

In honor of the 2016 Summer Olympics, the theme for this summer exchange will be Gold, Silver, Bronze (or copper if you prefer). This theme can be a literal interpretation such as something created that is Gold, Silver or Bronze/Copper. Or you could think outside of the box and come up with your own edit on the theme. We love hearing your logic behind your interpretation. We just want you to go for it in your own special way!

But wait! There’s more….. The Smithery has generously offered a 10% discount for any purchase (excluding custom orders) to all of the attendees during the event as a private shopping exclusive. This discount would also apply to any workshop registrations made during the event. Thank you very much Jen & Anne at The Smithery!!

Professionals get all the details and reserve your spot here:


See you there!

Hug and Stitches,

Not Your Mama’s Craft Market 





It’s 614 Crafty Exchange time!


Come one, come all and join us for this fun networking event!


Professionals Exchange – February 27th                                                                            5:00 pm – 7:00 pm                                                                                                                       at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse 

Professional Sign Up Here 

Hobbyist Exchange – February 28th                                                                                    3:30 pm – 5:30 pm                                                                                                                           at Yarn it & Haberdashery 

Hobbyist Sign Up Here

What is a Crafty Exchange? Well…we’ll tell ya!

You sign up, make three gifts according to the guidelines bellow and come to our stellar venue. Oh yeah, bring a snack if it tickles your fancy. While there, you mix and mingle with other like minded handmade enthusiasts, exchange tips, ideas and make life long friendships. Holding hands and signing is optional:) Then we eat a little, drink some amazing coffee and go through the gift exchanging fun! In the end each person will leave with 3 new gifts handmade by some of your new friends!

O… and it is free to attend to! Whoop whoop!

This sounds totes amahhzing. What do I make?

We have decided to mix things up a little as we start the new year. So each Maker will only bring 3 items.

1- Big, meaning it takes more effort to make and has at least a $25 RETAIL value.

2- Medium, meaning it has at least a $15 RETAIL value.

3- Small, meaning it has at least a $10 RETAIL value.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on making your gift. It is all about the craftsmanship. We want to see what you can do!

The theme this go around is Rock, Paper, Scissors. This them can be a literal interpretation such as something created out of paper for example. You could also go for something more out of the box like something Rock N Roll related for your own spin on rock. We just want you to go for it in your own special way!

We ask that you wrap up each of your items separately. Please identify which item is which by in someway marking the BIG item in Orange, the MEDIUM in Blue, and the Small in Yellow.

As always, we will be taking photos of the event and all the gifts so we can share them with our customers! If you have one please attach your business card to all your gifts and produce your best work;) To see photos of past Exchanges check out #614CraftyExchange

Hugs and Stitches,

Not Your Mama’s Craft Market

614 Craft Exchange – October 2015

We had such a great time at our last Professional Craft Exchange last month! This exchange was held at a beautiful Urban Emporium in Bexley. This store was not only a great space to shop because of its vast range in handmade and local products (all exceptionally made) but also because of its bonus space. The Emporium has a beautifully done work space in their basement usually used for classes by the store, from jewelry making to grown up coloring, but in our case it was the perfect space for our professional makers to gather.

614Crafty_OCT15-1 614Crafty_OCT15-2 614Crafty_OCT15-4


One by one our professional Makers trickled in dawned in their costumes. I have to say this part was especially exciting because with a crowd of makers you just never know whats going to come through the door next. There were a wide rage of celebrity guests including Miss Frizzle (bus parking was a beast), Carrie Poppins, Snow White, Cleopatra, and Queen Elizabeth herself. We also had some magical creatures including a very sparkly Fairy, a talking Scarecrow, and a Witch. And of corse we were not short on crafty costumes including the Crochet Queen, a Stash of Yarn and the Crazy Craft Lady who snuck out of the asylum just for the event.

614Crafty_OCT15-6 614Crafty_OCT15-8

After taking in everyones costume and grabbing a snack, the exchange commenced! One by one each maker stood up and presented their item to the group. They told the group who they are, what their business is and a little bit about what they made for the group. It is always really fun to see what our friends are up to and what is inspiring them that season. Each maker took a turn around the room and gathered up their new goodies!!!!! I can easily say that as usual the first did not disappoint! Everyones piles started overflowing with things to make you feel pretty, things to make your house pretty and things to make you smell pretty. It was PRETTY spectacular. See what I did there:)

614Crafty_OCT15-12 614Crafty_OCT15-19 614Crafty_OCT15-14614Crafty_OCT15-26 614Crafty_OCT15-18614Crafty_OCT15-25 614Crafty_OCT15-24614Crafty_OCT15-15 614Crafty_OCT15-28614Crafty_OCT15-17 614Crafty_OCT15-22614Crafty_OCT15-27 614Crafty_OCT15-11


After taking a second to bask in our newly claimed stash of handmade goodness we took a second to talk about a way to easily share the happiness in our hearts, HandMAKE My Day Cbus! It was explained how anyone could join in the kindness anytime or how businesses could sign up to takeover the instagram page for a day or two and talk about their business while spreading kindness. After our moment of kindness Makers  took a  voted on their favorite costumes. Not an easy task.


Next the owners of Urban Emporium took a second to tell the group about their shop, who they are, why they started the shop and how makers can sell their products there. These are a seriously wonderful group of strong, independent, smart and talented ladies. We are extremely grateful to be old and new friends! After the run down of the store, the owners announced that everyone would get a 10% discount for the night!!!!! Makers ran up stairs to  shop, shop, shop!!!!!  Oh and then we shopped some more!

614Crafty_OCT15-36 614Crafty_OCT15-5

614Crafty_OCT15-33 614Crafty_OCT15-61 614Crafty_OCT15-32614Crafty_OCT15-60

Before taking a moment to grab a group photo from amazing Mae Taylor Photography, awards were passed out to the best costumes! Awards went out to the Crazy Craft Lady Nancy Mabry, the glittery Fairy with pointy ears Vicki Oster, the Scarecrow by Anita Haines and best in show to Miss Frizzle – Natalie Pariano.

614Crafty_OCT15-40 614Crafty_OCT15-41 614Crafty_OCT15-42


In all it was a great night filled with fab takeaways and even better company. New friendships and business partnerships were made and old ones where savored and strengthened! A big thank you to all who came out and especially the Urban Emporium and Mae Taylor Photography for all their hard work.

Our next 614 Craft Exchanges will be held in February but if you can’t stay away from all the handmade goodness that long please join Not Your Mama’s and 70+ of our best makers at our BIG Holiday Market on November 28th at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in the Short North.  #SeeYouAtTheCathedral

614Crafty_OCT15-59 614Crafty_OCT15-66

614Crafty_OCT15-34 614Crafty_OCT15-35

614Crafty_OCT15-38 614Crafty_OCT15-37 614Crafty_OCT15-39

614Crafty_OCT15-46 614Crafty_OCT15-45

614Crafty_OCT15-47 614Crafty_OCT15-48

614Crafty_OCT15-51 614Crafty_OCT15-50

614Crafty_OCT15-52 614Crafty_OCT15-53

614Crafty_OCT15-56 614Crafty_OCT15-55

614Crafty_OCT15-57 614Crafty_OCT15-58

614Crafty_OCT15-62 614Crafty_OCT15-63

614Crafty_OCT15-65 614Crafty_OCT15-64


Spring 2015- 614 Crafty Exchange

This is a repost from one of our show hosts, Chelsey Hill’s, new blog Pretty Poor Living. For tutorials, recipes, and other great crafty goodness jump over to her site and hit follow!

Hey friends!

Sunday was our (Not Your Mamas Craft Market) Enthusiast 614 Crafty Exchange! And boy can I get used to taking home all this handmade goodness!!!


Maybe you have already got a few sneak peaks on our Instagram, twitter and Facebook pages. (Don’t forget to follow us while you’re there)

We are so very blessed to have such amazing suporters who came out to support NYMCM and other like minded crafty people.

The day started at the wonderful and amazingly beautiful Sew To Speak ( a NYMCM sponsor) in Clintonville, Columbus!  As exchangers started to pile in it didn’t take them long at all to start admiring all the AMAZING fabric! And do they have AMAZING fabric. And trims. And project samples from future classes.  Ummm Ummm Good.




Any who, after some great shopping the crafters grabbed their sassy little name tags (tutorial later this week)  and some yummy snack and made their way to their seat in the sharing circle. Ok I didn’t really call it the sharing circle in front of anyone but with no one here to give me a “weirdo” look Im going to call it that:)



Things quickly got moving as all the crafters took turns standing up and sharing a little ditty about themselves, what they do, and if they had one about their businesses. And can I just say the talent did not stay home! What a great group of gals. The group was a mix of hobby crafters, professional crafters and artists. Items exchanged was an eclectic arrange of jewelry, other accessories, and home goods.

Here is where I sill just shut up and “show you the money!



Yoga Strap: Petal Handmade Bags – Bead Embroidered Necklace: Whistling In Tongues – Leather Sunglasses Case : Ally Eads – Swede and Glass Bead Bracelets : Sara Miller


Wood Slice Chalkboard: Amanda Lotyzc – Wood Burned Bracelet: Branching Creations – Ohio Wire Necklace : The Heirloom Tomato (ME! – tutorial coming:) – Wire and Bead Earrings: Gibson Girls Glass – Business Card Holder: Lil Munchkin Butt


Cork Wineglass Charms: Laura Wallace – Bird Dishtowel: Lisa Siferd


German 8 Point Paper Star: Kayla Braatz – Red Fire Acrylic Painting: Maryann Ailes – Hand Painted, Dyed and Stitched Patch: Brittni Stump – Quilted Sewing Machine Wall Hanging: Patchwork & RicRac


See!!! See!!! Amazing! I have already gotten a ton of use out of my make homes!!!!


We would love to see you at our next #614CraftyExchange! We are in the works of finalizing the details of our next exchange. We will first announce the day and time we will launch the sign up sheet so everyone has time to get their ducks in a row and everyone has an equal change to sign up!


Look for that announcemnt here at (hit the follow button!), Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and be the first to sign up!

Hugs and Stiches,

Chelsey Hill

Spring 2015- Professional 614 Crafty Exchange

Here is an overview of our awesome Professional Crafty Exchange from Co Host Chelsey’s new blog Pretty Poor Living.  Take a second to check her blog out!
Its was here. It is gone. It was AMAZING!

Last night Not Your Mama’s Craft Market had its first ever Craft Exchange. This exchange was for the pros; crafters with established businesses. Most of these ladies I already had the pleasure of knowing but there were a few that were new.  And boy, were we happy to include them into our group of wild women. ( I hope they left feeling the same:)

So here is the run down of the night! First before the day even got started I loved hearing all the buzz from those attending and all the jealousy from those who couldn’t make it. I also got a kick out of the honesty on social media of different ladies sharing how they were scrambling to to get their crafts together last sec. and the panic of those who started making the night before.  There were a lot of us:)

Anyway, the event was held at my home in the south side of Columbus. Its a tiny little place 1200 square feet but thankfully we all like each other and bathe regularly.  Everyone was asked to bring a snack to share and soon the kitchen was full of good smells and lots of calories. Since it was my house and I had the stove I contributed dairy free hot apple crisp. (Always good always easy.) Everyone filled their plate and took a seat (after being summined many times -bunch of Chatty Kathys) and the fun began!

Individually everyone stood before the group, said a little ditty about themselves, what they make and anything else that might interest the group like shows they put on, groups they lead or projects their working on. Great, great, great networking not to mention very educational:) THEN they revealed their craft to the group.  I can not even explain to you how thrilling this was. Every time someone revealed their craft the room did the a mixture of pretty adorable things out of pure in awe of the awesomeness.

There was the assortment of: the “Pearl Cluchers,”


the “I don’t know who to handle theses emotions,”


and the “I can’t believe this-ers” or the “Nopes. Nope-ity Nope Nope Nopes.” This is a good kind of nope. This reaction may also be followed by a “Shut the front door,” or a “Girrrrrl.”


The crafts were so amazing, one right after another. I think with us all being experienced crafters we could really appreciate the quality, expense, and time it took to make each item. (Something in the craft business world that is sadly way to often overlooked.)  The phrase, “It’s like Christmas” was used, to say the least, often. Lots of smiling, lots of “this is awesome!” One person even said they felt like they were shop lifting because it was too good to be true. To me, I can only really describe the feeling as being on Oprah’s favorite things episode (less cars). I continually held myself back from yelling “And you get a necklace! And YOU get a necklace. And YOU And You And You!”


Can I just take a second to mention this was a free/cheap event. Everyone only payed for their supplies and a snack. We each walked away with a bundle of sweet sweet goodness worth at least $100. I even got a few great gifts for others out of the deal. Im pretty sure I made money out of the deal:)

Okay at least saved. At this point I would say pictures are worth a thousand words. I will put a few on here but you can also head on over to the Not Your Mama’s Craft Market Facebook page to see the whole album. I have divided the crafts in categories so you can get a better look.



Crochet Masion Jar Cozy: TL Yarn Crafts – Ice Cream Cozy: Sew Joyful – Coasters; Paper Crafts By Vicki – Reusable Lunch Bag: Petal Handmade Handbags ( NYMCM Co-Host)



Large Ohio print, Ohio watercolor card, and Ohio sticker: Glitteracy – Floral original painting: Megan Hogan Art and Design



Bow tie: Mitzy Bitzy’s Workshop – Wood bead necklace: The Heirloom Tomato (Me!)  – Anchor necklace: Simply Spain Designs – Copper Earrings: Gibson Girl’s Glass – Copper Bracelet: Hand and Hart Designs – Crochet Earrings: Sol Heritage – Key Fob: Studio Chop Stix



Body Salve and small peppermint soap: Mom N Pop Natural Shoppe – Tea tree soap – Simply Natural



Paper purse with cards: Stamp With Anita – Beaded Bookmark: Sweettooth Studio

You see what I mean! Amazing! Most of my excitement was completely selfish. Well.. b/c I was so happy I got to keep all this great stuff but I’m also happy for the connection of our group.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the response to community for the ladies. I wasn’t expecting so many to get up and say how they were really excited to have a good group to network with and to just be friends with like minded people. They talked about how great it is that we can get together and learn about each other personally. Many of us know each other or of each other but rarely can we take the time during a busy show to sit-down and talk with one another. I feel like creatives have a special bond that only they can understand. I personally love that I can talk fabric designs with someone like Carrie Schafer of Petal Bags and she will get just as geeked out about a new line of fabric as I do. Like crazy geeked out. Or how we can all exchange craft show tips. Or customer war stories. I love that we can encourage each other and support each others businesses.


We are a strange bunch but we belong to each other. I love these weirdos!

Hugs and Stiches,