Free Kids Craft Tutorials


A Community Together 

We believe in uncertain times the community should come together. We as NYMCM have been racking our brains on what support we can bring to the table for our community of Shoppers and Makers. As Makers and Mothers ourselves, we understand the difficulty of the current situation from both sides. Makers depend on Spring events and without them and less people shopping small businesses will struggle. Parents find themselves unprepared to have kids home from 3 weeks and are looking for ways to educate and keep them engaged.

We would like to offer free kids craft tutorials for the next 3 weeks.

Shoppers and Follower: 

   Our Creative Community wants to surround you with all we have to offer. We understand that unexpectedly having kids home for 3 weeks isn’t something parents are ready for. We are here to help!

   In the next few days many of our talented Makers will be uploading video tutorials of craft projects for kids. We will have tutorials for kids of all school ages from PreSchool to College and will use supplies you might already have at home!

   Please follow along on our Social Media Pages, Website and Newsletter for free videos! Each video will be tagged with the Makers shop information. As you can imagine small businesses like theirs are taking a hard hit due to the cancelations and postponements of many spring craft shows. Please visit their pages, follow, share and shop! Just taking the time to share a small businesses page makes more of a difference than most realize.

   If you make along with the tutorials, we would LOVE to see your final product! Please tag @notyourmamascraftmarket so we can share!!!


We are Makers and we have the talents to create! That is what we do best. We are calling Makers to submit video tutorials of kids crafts. With so many kids at home from school and parents scrambling to keep them occupied this is something we can help with! We have been preparing for this our whole lives! This also means that your business information will be getting seen by potential customers. We want to guide people to your websites and pages!

 We will make the submission process as easy as we possibly can! For all the details on submitting a tutorial please click HERE.

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