What is the HandMAKE My Day movement?

Logo: Painted Patchwork 

Kindness is free.

HandMAKE My Day Cbus (HMMDC) is a city wide movement currently run by 6 Makers/Artists, listed bellow, who simply want to focus on unexpectedly making someone’s day! We want to remind people that YOU MATTER. That there are others out there that care about and value you.

The idea is to combine random acts of kindness, creative talents and free gifts to make one big, city wide, not so old fashioned scavenger hunt. Sharing and documenting the hidings and findings all on Instagram. All with the added benefit of bringing awareness to She Has A Name, a program dedicated to fighting human trafficking right here in Columbus. Because all lives matter.

So do what your mama told you and BE NICE. Help us spread kindness like confetti and join our kindness movement today.

Here is how it works: 

No 1.) Make something amazing to give! It doesn’t have to cost you a lot it just needs to be made with love. It can be art, jewelry, decor, whatever your passion is! Document your creation as it comes to life on social media by using #HandMAKEmydayCbus

No 2.) Print off your favorite Congrats Card: HERE and attach it to your handmade gift along with any contact info you would like to share. Your name, email, website, handle. Your choice!

No 3.) Find the perfect spot to hide your handmade gift. Parks, sidewalks, restaurants, shops, bus stops, you name it! Just remember to “hide it in plain sight”!
(If you attach your gift to a post, tree, building, etc. please make sure you attach it with something non damaging like string, tape, or magnets – we don’t want to ruin someones day:)

No 4.) Instagram a photo of your handmade gift using #HandMAKEmydayCbus and the caption “Find me, I’m Free!”. Include a clue or two as to where it can be found. Also use #SheHasAName to encourage support and awareness of steps being taken to fight human trafficking in Columbus.

No 5.) Sit back and follow us on instagram @HandMAKEmydayCbus and at #HandMAKEmydayCbus to see whose day you made. And while your waiting, check out @SheHasAName and learn about the amazing steps they are taking to fight human trafficking right here in Cbus.

Thanks for being so stickin’ nice.

HandMAKE My Day Cbus Team-  These 6 nice people are not only great looking but are also donating their time and talents to create our cards and to take over the @HandMAKEmydayCbus Instagram page every few days!

If you would be interested in taking over the account please email us at notyourmamascraftmarket@yahoo.com

Jon Juravich – Jon Juravich Art 

328003_616736957565_1048792309_o il_570xN.485269381_jnto

Patrick Wayner – Painted Patchwork

10991297_876127389100323_3139898796312971494_n 10941507_1589423214645339_3202558904820109554_n

Chelsea Dipman – Glitteracy 

11637953_10153119551256735_444924922_n 1508200_599861073491951_4207994771203464899_n

Natalie Pariano – Natterdoodle 

11180299_1438128096486970_376118658959569617_n 11234051_1465841790382267_6678211210329999854_n

Carrie Schaefer – Petal Handbags & Not Your Mama’s Craft Market

11710044_727794867343840_7857881985438024036_o 11796423_1132971746731430_2181317666716112840_n

Chelsey Hill – The Heirloom Tomato & Not Your Mama’s Craft Market

10987686_834963366540464_4833723627574079978_n IMG_6012

Awesome logo by: Painted Patchwork

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