BrewDog Holiday Market

NYMCM is thrilled to announce our new partners… BrewDog!

Craft Market + Craft Beer – a match made in heaven?  We are more than excited to announce our new partnership with @BrewDogUSA!  Doggone it we know this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship!  For our first date, BrewDog has invited us to their TapRoom in Canal Winchesster and we’re inviting you and all of our favorite makers to join us!!  This crafty combo will take place on Shop Small Business Saturday, November 28th.  BrewDog Brewery and Taproom are located jus 16 minutes from downtown Columbus in Canal Winchester.  NYMCM will be spread out in the lobby, Craft Beer Museum, Brewery and Taproom.  All vendor spaces are indoor.  No shopping passes will be required but social distancing and masks will be required.
Because this opportunity just presented itself, we are forced to move FAST on application for this event.  Apply now – October 28th.  And please help us share the good news with all your favorite Makers!



COVID-19 Plan

Cancellation Polices

3 Tips for Applying

3 Helpful tips to up your chances to be selected to participate: 

– Be flexible with your booth size.This tip is good for any of our Markets. We get many applications and simply just don’t have he room to fit them all. If you are willing to go wherever we have space for you, it is easier for us to accommodate you! At our Via Vecchia Markets over half of our Maker spaces will be outside. Our indoor booths are much more limited. All of the BrewDog booths will be indoors. If you already filled out your form and now wish you would have selected more booth options don’t fret. Just send us an email and we will note the change. Our email addresses are listed below. 

– Great Photos. This is huge! When submitting photos please make sure that you are putting your best foot forward in representing your brand. At the very basics, good lighting, and crisp photos are essential. Submit your best selling products and if you have been with us before, submit anything new you are working on. Our jury looks closely on how shops are working to stay fresh for their loyal customers. 

– Social Media/ Sharing. First off, we adore offering our shoppers new and up incoming Makers. So if you don’t have a huge following don’t worry. Social media isn’t at the top of our jury’s list but when being forced to decide between Makers our jury will often visit a Makers social media platforms. They are not so much looking the for number of followers a Maker has but more of their activity and willingness to share events they are participating in. A Maker who works to bring shoppers to their events is good for  markets all around. The Maker who has 10K followers but never mentions events until the day of isn’t as helpful as a Maker with 300 followers who promotes the event consistanly. Bottom line is, we really appreciate team players!

Now you are ready to apply! Applications for our Via Vecchia Markets close Midnight October 9th and applications our BrewDog Market closes Midnight October 28th.

Apply for our BrewDog Holiday Market here:

Covid-19 Safety Policies & Procedures

Not Your Mama’s Craft Market is excited to announce the revised plan for our 2020 Holiday Craft Markets! 

Sat. November 21st | Noon – 8pm | Indoor/outdoor Via Vecchia Winery

Sat. November 28th | Noon – 4pm | Indoor BrewDog

Sat. December 5th  | Noon – 8pm | Indoor/outdoor Via Vecchia Winery

Read all about our safely plan here:

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For announcements, events and status updates follow us on social media: 



Caraftin Outlaws is another great local Craft Market that is supporting local Vendors with a  Virtual Market. Find links to their amazing Vendors on their website: 

2020 Holiday Market FAQs

Will there still be Holiday Markets? 

Yes.  Our current plan is to move forward with three Holiday Markets. We have implemented many changes in an effort to keep everyone safe.  Our 2 Via Vecchia events will now be held “farmers market” style. This means that the majority of our Vendors will have booths outside.  Embrace it – it’s a Holiday Market after all!  Shoppers will also need to reserve a one and a half hour shopping period in advance to attend the market (more info coming soon).  In addition, we have a new location for both markets and one of the dates has changed. 

Holiday Market #1

Sat. November 21st | Noon – 8pm | Indoor/Outdoor at Via Vecchia Winery

Holiday Market #2

Small Business Saturday, November 28th | Noon – 4pm | Indoor at BrewDog Taproom & Craft Beer Hotel

Holiday Market #3

Sat. December 5th  | Noon – 8pm | Indoor/Outdoor at Via Vecchia Winery


Via Vecchia Winery | 2108 S. HIGH STREET,  COLUMBUS, OHIO 43207

BrewDog Taproom & Craft Beer Hotel | 96 Gender Rd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110, USA (15 mins from Columbus)


To read about all Covid-19 adjustments, policies and re-opening choices for all 3 Markets, please visit:

 We have also highlighted covid addition on this page in orange. 

More FAQs ABOUT NYMCM in general:

What is the History of NYMCM?

NYMCM has been around since 2012.  Starting in Marysville, Ohio then moving to Columbus in 2014 NYMCM quickly became a beloved Holiday staple in the city.  NYMCM continues to be voted one of the top 10 shopping events in Columbus year after year. 


Applications for our Via Vecchia Markets close at midnight October 9th. 

Applications for our BrewDog Holiday Market close at midnight October 25th.

Find Application for Vendors here: 

Via Vechhia|Nov. 21 & Dec. 5th

BrewDog Taproom & Craft Beer Hotel | Nov. 28th

Acceptance Emails go out:

  • Via Vecchia | October 14th 
  • BrewDog | October 29th

Vendor Fee due

  • Via Vecchia| Midnight Oct. 19th
  • BrewDog | Midnight Nov. 3rd

* Interested in being a sponsor? Email us at


Your fee covers venue costs, promotional materials including posters, digital and print ads and other costs required to put on a Market. Many  Makers will also be featured and tagged on our social media pages and website leading up to and during the market. 


Tables, chairs, lights and tents are not provided. Outdoor Vendors must provide their own 10×10 canopy and canopy weights. Battery operated lights are also strongly encouraged. *There is moderate outdoor lighting at the venue but your tent will need additional lights. We suggest camping lanterns. 

Application Process: 


The NYMCM jury consists of 5 members, each of whom is active in handmade small business.  After the application period closes, application fee payments are confirmed. If the fee has not been paid the application is considered incomplete and discarded.  All paid applications are then sorted by genre and individually scored according to the criteria outlined below. The top scorers are compared within their genre and selected to join the markert.  A number of vendors in each category are offered a spot on our waitlist as cancellations often happen for personal reasons.


Our market is juried by select members of our staff and other individuals in the local makers scene, whose opinions and tastes we value and trust.  Together we review the pool of applications thoroughly and handpick the artists that are the best fit for NYMCM. We thoughtfully and carefully choose applicants based on a number of criteria, listed below.  Also, check out our social media pages to see what Makers we have chosen in the past. 

  • Your work is designed and made by hand.  Please provide information in your application if your products aren’t entirely made by you or by hand.
  • Your work overall is cohesive and consistent, and you provide clear examples for us to view.
  • Your work is unique. If you are a returning vendor, your work has progressed since participating. We always want to offer our customers fresh ideas.
  • The average price of your items typically range between $1-$150 and reflect a good value/price ratio.  Typically, you know what your work is worth!
  • Your web pages provide clean and clear photos that are cohesive with the quality of NYMCM and can be easily shared for media purposes. 
  • You demonstrate that you are good at following directions and reading provided information. Like this list:)
  • If you are a pre-packaged edibles Vendor, you offer unique packaging and flavors and have a well designed booth. We expect artisanal food vendors to live up to the same levels of integrity and quality with their products and displays as our other handmade participants.


What makes NYMCM such a unique market is our desire to bring our customers the newest and most current trends in handmade every year. To do this we need a vast variety of Makers at each market along with new merchandise. This is why we hold such a rigorous application process. We LOVE having return vendors but we give them the same jury process as everyone else. We check to see what new products they are offering and also discuss what kind of Maker they were in the past. Did they help share Market info online? Were they easy to work with? Did they follow all of our rules and deadlines? 


Heck yes! As stated in the previous answer, we are always looking for new Makers. We have to turn down so many fantastic Makers simply due to space constraints at each market. This year there are twice the opportunities for Makers to be selected! 


As much as we love to accommodate all Makers we highly depend on digital exposure for the all around success of our markets. We do not require an expensive website or thousands of posts or followers from our Makers but we do require some sort of internet presence. This makes promoting, collecting promotion material and communication much easier on our end. A simple Instagram or Facebook account or Etsy page is perfect! If you do not have an active online page, NYMCM may not be the right fit for you. 

Do you allow Direct Sales Businesses? 

No we do not. No exceptions made. If you pay the application fee and apply with a direct sales business you will not be refunded. 


Due to Covid-19 we will not permit booth sharing at our winter events. 


  • Watch your inbox! We try not to overload Makers on emails.  When we do email you it is usually full of lots of important information. Please take the time to read these emails and file them to refer to later. It is very time consuming for us to respond to questions already addressed. 
  • Carefully read and make a plan to put our safety policies and procedures in place. 
  • Prepare your booth space. We are known for showcasing Makers with the most outstanding booth displays. Don’t get lost in the crowd by not preparing the look of your display early. Presentation is just as important as your products. We highly suggest making a tape outline of your booth dimensions on the floor and doing a mock up of your space. Remember YOU have to fit in the space too! As part of our COVID-19 Safety Policy we are requiring all vendors to be behind their tables to help with social distancing.  No extra room outside of your booth is available for your display. All vendors must bring their own table and chairs. A floor-length table covering is required for all tables. Check out our Pinterest Board for ideas. 
  • Vendors will be given digital marketing tools for social media use. We require vendors to share these marketing materials across their social media accounts.


FIRST read over our COVID-19 Safety Policy 

Do your research! There are many great books, blogs and networks out there to help you move forward with your business. We would love to help each Maker personally figure out how much product to make, how to set up their space, and how to price their items but with over 100 Makers and 100s of hours it takes to put on a market, unfortunately we cannot. We can, however, direct you to our Pinterest Page that has many resources for Makers. 

Questions not answered above are welcome at:

3 Holiday Markets, Apply now!!!

Let’s do this!

Not Your Mama’s Craft Market is excited to announce the revised plan for our 2020 Holiday Craft Markets!

We have been working with the Franklin Co. Health Department, Via Vecchia Winery (VVW) & BrewDog to develop and implement a comprehensive safety plan for these markets. This plan is outlined under Step 1 below. With all these changes, we will be extending our application date! Makers interested in participating should follow the steps below. Makers who applied for our Holiday markets before these changes were made do not need to reapply but should watch their inbox for information and a mandatory form of acknowledgment and intent.

1 – Sat. November 21st | Noon – 8pm | Indoor/Outdoor at Via Vecchia Winery  2108 S. HIGH STREET,  COLUMBUS, OHIO 43207   
*Next to The Fort

2- Sat. November 28th | Noon – 4pm | Indoor at BrewDog 96 Gender Rd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110, USA

3- Sat. December 5th  | Noon – 8pm | Indoor/Outdoor at Via Vecchia Winery 2108 S. HIGH STREET,  COLUMBUS, OHIO 43207   
*Next to The Fort

How to APPLY

STEP 1.)
Read over our Policies and Guidelines and FAQs. 

Policies & Guidelines For Safety

2020 Holiday Market FAQS

STEP 2.)
Read over our Cancellation Policy

STEP 3.)
Fill out BrewDog application by midnight October 28th. 

*** Via Vecchia Applications are closed.

STEP 4.)
 Wait for your acceptance email. 

Applications close |Midnight October 28th
*application fees are nonrefundable

Acceptance Emails go out:

Via Vecchia |October 14th 

BrewDog | October 29th

Booth Payment due:

Via Vecchia  |Midnight Oct. 19th

BrewDog | Midnight Nov. 3rd

Join the HandMAKE My Day Movement!

HandMAKE MY DAY is back Baby!

Lets face it, times are tough. NYMCM is bringing back our HandMAKE My Day movement to help brighten these darker days in our community!

Our goal is to bring our community together to unexpectedly make someone’s day! We want to remind people that YOU MATTER, YOU ARE SEEN and WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

The idea is to combine random acts of kindness, creative talents and free gifts to make one big, city wide, not so old fashioned scavenger hunt. Sharing and documenting the hidings and findings all on Instagram. All with the added benefit of bringing awareness to local handmade small businesses who so desperately need our support!

Kindness is free.

So do what your mama told you and BE NICE. Help us spread kindness like confetti and join our kindness movement today.

This movement is not limited to our Makers! Anyone can make and share! 

You don’t even have to leave your house! You can hide a gift during a neighborhood walk or even leave something in your front yard! If you are out at the grocery store leave something in your cart. If you are picking up food from a small local restaurant, leave a gift out front! 

Here is how it works: 

No 1.) Make something amazing to give! It doesn’t have to cost you a lot, it just needs to be made with love. It can be art, jewelry, decor, whatever your passion is! Document your creation as it comes to life on social media by tagging @notyourmamascraftmarket and using #HandMAKEmydayCbus

No 2.) Print off the FREE Gift postcards below and attach it to your handmade gift.  Then fill in your name and other information you would like to share. For example: Website, Social Media Handle, Email…. You choose!

No 3.) Find the perfect spot to hide your handmade gift. Parks, sidewalks, in front of restaurants, hospitals, shops, bus stops, you name it! Remember to “hide it in plain sight” and practice Safe Spacing while in public!

If you attach your gift to a post, tree, building, etc. please make sure you attach it with something non damaging like string, tape, or magnets – we don’t want to ruin someone’s day:)

No 4.)  Post a photo of your handmade gift tagging @NotYourMamasCraftMarket and using #HandMAKEmydayCbus and the caption “Find me, I’m Free!”. Include a clue or two as to where it can be found. We ask that you encourage your followers to look through the NYMCM feed to find local handmade small businesses to support during these unsure times.

No 5.) Sit back and follow us on Instagram and  #HandMAKEmydayCbus to see who’s day you made.

NYMCM will be following along closely so we can repost your pics and direct followers directly to your pages! Feel free to send us an Instagram message with your pics so we don’t miss them! 

Thanks for being so stickin’ nice.

Print your HandMAKE My Day postcards here:

HandMAKE my day Printable 4 Card Sheet